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Check me on your mobile

rss-coffeeJust wanted to let you know that you can visit on your phone and it should work really well in your mobile browser. I highly recommend the Opera Mini browser for mobile phones; it can be downloaded and installed on a great many phone models.

If you surf on an iPhone or iPod Touch then this site should look awesome and work beautifully for you, thanks to Brave New Code‘s design. Try it sideways or upright, see what it does to the font size, whichever way you like it best.

Besides keeping up with me while you’re out and about on your mobile, I would love for you to subscribe to my RSS newsfeed: see, it’s just there to the right – up a bit – the orange square box with ‘Posts’. Maybe you don’t currently have a News Reader programme, so you might want to try Google Reader or maybe an iPhone app.

If newsfeeds ain’t your thing, you might like to receive my new articles via email, as soon as I post them. Don’t worry if you pick your email up on your mobile device, everything will work just fine.

Another great way to keep up with me is on Twitter. If you use Twitter I’d love to connect; I’m Wedge – of course.

I’m Wedge; I’m not so hard to find am I?

P.S. I release the text of this article (public domain); if you have a blogsite that’s mobile friendly, feel free to use my words to promote yourself. The image is by rmpenguino and is used with permission of his Creative Commons licence.

About Wedge

I’m Wedge, and this is my website! I’ve worked within internal communications since 2004, managing intranets and digital comms. Now I’m a freelance comms and intranet specialist - I help organisations plan and improve their intranets. I work with other agencies, and write a lot of blog and magazine articles. I founded the Intranet Now conference. You can catch up with me on Twitter - I’m @Wedge.