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Top level intranet navigation – your menu names

Here’s my old intranet menu names and my new one, along with several other navigation menus from other people’s intranets! So much sharing!

I’m overseeing the design of our new intranet, and the ‘look n feel’, structure and navigation are crucial to my mind in helping people adopt the new system. I’d like to tell you the old menu names we’re dumping, and the new ones we’re using for our top level navigation.

I’m also able to share the top level menus from several other intranets thanks to the generous nature of my Twitter friends who shared their navigation terminology with me. I trust that none of us are giving away sensitive company information. By their very nature, intranets can seem ‘secret’. While we can all see what goes on with other people’s customer facing websites, we don’t often know what goes on inside other companies of course.

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  2. For your reference, here’s what we have for a financial services intranet: Home / News / Career and Life / Work / Our Company.

    In our case, corporate policies, HR policies and health & safety information is under “Career and Life” along with social information. Work related policies (e.g., corporate travel, tech support) are under “Work.”

  3. Coca-Cola Enterprises top navigation:

    Home | Company | Workbench | Life and Career

    That’s it, sweet and simple

  4. We’re aiming for a task-based navigation here, but it’s a wee bit more bloated than some of those above.

    Business & News | Research & Online Resources | Employment | Finances | Computers & Equipment | Access & Buildings | Catering & Outlets | People & Offices

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