Content tactics - executing your strategy on the page

Content tactics – creating intranet pages

My Intranätverk presentation – how to implement your intranet content strategy on the page.

I spoke at Intranätverk about creating decent intranet pages. It’s about knowing the tactics as to how to implement your content strategy. Here’s my presentation via SlideShare.

You’ll see that I reference the ‘Creating intranet content‘ guide which is a free download if you’d like to get into the details of what I was talking about.

Page thumbnails of Creatiing Intranet Content: a guideThe guide covers ten common challenges:

  1. Effective headlines: help people choose what to read
  2. Images: attracting interest and conveying meaning
  3. Links: how to link to pages and files
  4. Layout: how to structure articles for scanability
  5. How to help people search for, and find, your content
  6. Content: write for your audience, not for your boss
  7. Documents vs pages: when to use PDF, Word, and other formats
  8. Engage: writing to start a conversation
  9. Channels: how to reach the right audiences with your content
  10. Mobile content

For more about content strategy, see Kristina Halvorson’s work, and consider the four elements of an intranet strategy.

Many thanks to Kristian Norling for inviting me to Sweden to present and lead a workshop.

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