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Linking up at LinkedIn

I’m writing a 3000 word article for the professional journal, Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal (HCPJ); I hope to be published in their January 2009 edition.

The deadline (even for January) is tight, so of course I’m blogging to distract my brain for a minute.

I’m very pleased to be even considered for a journal article, and so I’m worrying about my message, and my writing style. But anyway, it got me thinking about the professional side of my voluntary work et cetera.

I’d like to share my LinkedIn profile with you – as you may know, LinkedIn isn’t a social network for friends and cat pictures, it’s more about networking and keeping in touch with people who work within your field; or in my case, fields.

In trying to define what I can offer the LinkedIn community I have to explain that I work in the commercial sector as an Internal Communications specialist (i.e. I’m a writer and editor for a large regional company, and I write for our staff) and I work within the Third Sector as a writer, speaker and trainer on behalf of my voluntary organisation, FirstSigns (previously LifeSIGNS).

So I’m hoping to link up with LinkedIn professionals who work within communications and writing, as well as other professionals in healthcare fields and the voluntary sector.

Check me out on LinkedIn yeah?


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