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Exclusive discounts on intranet training

Hi there,

as you might know, I’ve slid sideways from ‘conference organiser‘ into ‘events manager’ and so I wanted to give you the heads-up on two events that I’m involved with. Both in London (and worth travelling for).

Gerry McGovern – Simplify your intranet with top tasks

Our first Intranet Now branded workshop kept selling out, and Brian and I kept moving it to a bigger venue. We’re now looking at a room of like 40 practitioners or so, in the Paddington Basin area of London, in the fabulous “Etc. Venues”.

With less than a week to go, we literally have four tickets left. Gerry McGovern (who opened our Intranet Now conference in September ’14) isn’t in England very often, so take advantage of this event, and the ridiculously cheap tickets.

Just for you (as a subscriber to my blog) I can give you 10% discount right now – but act quickly as this is a sell-out workshop set for Tuesday 12th of May. I can give you this discount because I’m personally organising this event.


Sam Marshall – Intranet success masterclasses

Two full-day workshops – but you can choose to participate in either days, or both.

  • Tues, 23rd June: Planning and designing a successful intranet.
  • Weds, 24th June: Managing and enhancing your intranet.

I intend to be there for both days – I wouldn’t miss out on learning from Sam! He spoke twice at our Intranet Now conference back in September ’14, and he’s a well-respected speaker and trainer. This is the first time Sam has put together a two-day programme to comprehensively tackle intranet design and management.

The great news is that early-bird tickets are available for those of you who act quickly. Getting the early-bird ticket will save you a whopping 33% so talk to your team now.


Think about your professional development – are you investing in your skills? Is your organisation?

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