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Job change: Less consulting, more consulting

After over three years in the wilderness, I’ve dropped my lance and taken a permanent position at ClearBox Consulting.

I first met Sam Marshall, (ClearBox MD) at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen in 2011, and I’ve worked for Sam in some capacity throughout my freelancing time. Signing a contract and becoming an employee again is a big deal, but I’m hoping to work ever closer with Sam and get into larger and larger intranet projects with clients.

It has been hard to say goodbye to some of my clients, but Sam’s offer came as a surprise and I had to reflect for ages on how I wanted my future and my working week to be. My weeks will be more structured from now on, and I’ll be able to focus and avoid multi-tasking more.

Sam’s allowing me time away to work on the Intranet Now conference and other professional projects, so even though I’m committed to ClearBox, I’m still able to develop Intranet Now with Brian Lamb, and I may still write articles and reference material for Content Formula. Further, if I find myself with time on my hands, I might hawk myself out to help small organisations and charities with their social media marketing strategies. All this alongside my mental health charity work (it’s our busiest month of the year right now, yikes!).

I’m eternally grateful to Sam and the other clients that I’ve worked with over the years, and very glad to join Sam at ClearBox. I hope to help grow the business and assist ClearBox clients to develop intranets that become useful, useable, and well used.

It was lovely to get so many tweets, including this one:

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