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Resumes for the Text-Messaging World

Charlene Kingston says:

“You need to rewrite your resume, cut it to a single page, and then customize it to fit the specific requirements of the position each time you submit it.”

Me, I love the one page concept (I even like one page websites) for CVs (résumés), agendas, project plans, action plans and minutes.

Anyway, check out what Charlene says about just why your CV is a tool to get a job, not a perfect historical record of your past:

And how did I discover this gem? I follow Charlene on Twitter of course: @kinchie

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I’m Wedge, and this is my website! I’ve worked within internal communications since 2004, managing intranets and digital comms. Now I’m a freelance comms and intranet specialist - I help organisations plan and improve their intranets. I work with other agencies, and write a lot of blog and magazine articles. I founded the Intranet Now conference. You can catch up with me on Twitter - I’m @Wedge.

One thought on “Resumes for the Text-Messaging World

  • I’m also a huge fan of one-page CVs. It shows consideration for the reader, your ability to be concise, and a one-pager definitely stands out from the twelve page (!) monstrosities I’ve seen.

    Gotta love the concept of blogs as the new CV though –

    Not sure about one page websites – I almost feel cheated when I visit a page and they don’t have the level of content that I was expecting. Less is more?

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