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Neglected your blog? How to break the silence

You’ve blogged nearly every day, and enjoyed the new relationships with the people who ‘comment’ and who befriend you on your outposts (Facebook, Twitter etc.). But you didn’t publish anything on Friday, and you were busy at the weekend (as always); but you knew that was no problem as you’d be writing as normal on Monday again.

Now it’s Wednesday afternoon and you’ve just noticed how long it’s been since you gave your blog, or your audience, a thought.

You’ve been busy, you’ve been tired, and you’ve not had the chance play online much. You’re certain that you can write tomorrow though, so you let Wednesday slide by you – it’s late in the day anyway.

Stop! You haven’t written anything for your growing readership in a week and you don’t really think that tomorrow will be any different do you? Didn’t you tell yourself that on Monday, and Tuesday?

How to break the silence

  • Don’t write a ‘sorry I’ve been busy‘ post – ever
  • Don’t sit down and write 450 words of trash – I mean, what will you post tomorrow?
  • Do write 200 thoughtful, meaningful words and publish post haste. Just Get It Online – Now.

Then continue to write and get tomorrow’s article sorted.

Just get those 200 words published. This will ‘break the seal‘ on your silence, as you refuse to procrastinate for another day.

This article is just over 200 words – guess why.


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