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My first computer (1999)

I do not know how I could have afforded such a price back then when I was earning so little!
I do not know how I could have afforded such a price back then when I was earning so little!

Not quite my first computer as I’ve been online since 1984 (thank you Prestel) and I’ve worked my way up through all the Sinclairs and Amstrads before switching to Windows and Mac.

But I wanted to share with you a massive purchase I made back in 1999 – it wiped me out financially speaking, but I was desperate to be online as an independent young man. Notice the chip speed (6 times slower than today’s chips), notice the pitiful RAM (30 times smaller than today’s) and above all, notice the price!

Click the scanned invoice to see it in more detail.

Today, I’d would spend that amount yeah, but the power of any beast I bought in today’s market would be considerable.

People say I’m ‘good with computers’ – but that’s like saying someone is good with a vacuum cleaner, or a car. I just know what operating systems can do, and I enjoy using software as best I can. Always have.

I remember the thrill of being online at 56KB – I really felt the Internet was going to revolutionise the world, and of course it has, but does anybody stop to think about it? Back in ’99 it was filled with people and their websites, and all long before Web 2.0 and Socal Networks sprang up.

Back then, I made friends by emailing webmasters and commenting on their site; they did the same for my websites.

Gods, look at that price!


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