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SIAD – Self Injury Awareness Day – 1st March

siad-bandToday is ‘Self-Injury Awareness Day’, a global grass-roots awareness campaign that I’ve supported for over seven years.

FirstSigns is selling wristbands (and rather brilliant keyrings) to help raise awareness and money to fund further awareness projects in the UK and beyond.

It can be really hard to talk about self-injury, but it shouldn’t be hard to talk about how we’re feeling.  Self-injury is something that people of all ages might turn to when they feel they can’t honestly express themselves, when they fear upsetting others, or failing people.

We should all be able to talk about things, don’t you agree?


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2 thoughts on “SIAD – Self Injury Awareness Day – 1st March

  • I think it’s very important to talk about our feelings. I feel like the more I keep inside, the more depressed I tend to get.

    If anyone needs to talk, I am here for you.

  • I started self harming at nine years old, I am now nealry seventy and stillself harm.

    Whilst services try to help, they see the tree with damged leaves and pluck them off, they never see the roots of tree and treat the cause.

    I self harm becuae nobody really listens iro understands, we are coinsidered to be attention seeking, a wast of space … how do you ask care services fro help when we already know they don’t care?

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