• WordPress – the Content Management System (CMS) behind this website, the premier blogging platform. I host my own website so I get more features.
  • Several themes, the best ones supplied by Elegant Themes.
  • XHTML – web pages are built with PHP and HTML code – HyperText Mark-up Language is the foundation of the web.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets control the look n feel of a website and format of the text.
  • Javascript – I don’t know, something about adding code that makes things happen. I hack it, I don’t write it.
  • RSS – Really Simple Syndication feeds, allowing people to subscribe and get articles directly in their Feed Reader.
  • Apache – websites are hosted and served (homed and served to visitiors) by software on a computer. Apache is fab server software. If you ever buy hosting, ask for Apache.
  • – shows a little icon at the bottom of my pages that says how many people are currently surfing
  • Twitter – the micro-blog / status / micro-social network. I get a lot of traffic from friends on Twitter.
  • Feedburner – helps people subscribe to RSS feeds and provides me with stats on how many people do so.
  • Lijit search – provides the enhanced ‘fabulous search’ on the right-side of my site. Not sure about it.
  • Claimr – my anti-disclaimer; it’s annoying when people disclaim their company or their words. I claim mine as mine.
  • Tea – I drink more decaf tea these days than caf coffee :)
  • Creative Commons – allows me to give away some of my work for others to use, and allows me to find images for my articles.
  • Copyright laws – we need a clear understanding of when we can copy other people’s stuff.
  • TweetBoard – provides that little ‘tweets’ tag on the far far left of my website.
  • Apple Mac – of course I use Windows; I also use Linux. But Macs have just the best software. I’m downloading and trying / adopting new applications all the time.; with Windows, I can never find any decent software that’s fun to use and value for money.
  • iPhone – I don’t make or take calls, but i work and communicate on the go a lot. The iPhone user interface is here to stay (and improve) unlike the random interfaces and menus menus menus one gets on many other mobile devices.
  • AudioBoo – enables me to podcast (audio broadcast) quickly from my computer or iPhone.
  • Flickr – storage and sharing of photos.
  • KissInsights – pops open a little feedback box at the bottom right of my site;
  • Google Analytics – provides in-depth statistics so I can learn what’s popular on my site and what ain’t;
  • MouseFlow – tracks visitors pathways through my site so I can learn what people want;
  • The mobile web – most things I create or use need to work online on the big PC screen and on my mobile devices.
  • You – I write and publish for you, not me. Yes, I’m a self-indulgent writer at times, but I’m honing my content to be useful and inspiring to you. That’s why your comments and re-tweets are so important to me.

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