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What I’m working on right now

Right now, I’m looking forward to our summer drinks party; I guess it’s a networking event but really it’s a launch party for this year’s Intranet Now conference. Running the conference (and all the marketing) is hard work, so the dirinks night is a bit of fun for me and my guests.

I’m reviewing several ‘SharePoint intranet-in-a-box’ products – it’s great to see what vendors offer, but it’s hard to judge!

Talking of judging, I’m literally judging ‘best intranet’ and ‘best digital comms’ for the Digital Impact Awards.

I’m revamping a website for a peer right now, and hope to relaunch it soon.

UX research to inform intranet IA. don’t you just love acronyms?

Other stuff

I’m still enjoying and enduring the gym and go three times a week without fail. I have a weekly session with my trainer, and it’s hard work but has immediate effects upon my body, and my mind.

Have finally put fish in the new pond. The two fancy goldfish are very happy and confident. But, I should not have listened to the advice from the aquatics shop, because they encouraged me to get Orfe and i’m pretty sure Orfe will outgwo the pond :(

I popped to the New Forest for a long weekend, and the dogs enjoyed it a bit more than me.

Have just connected with a local charity, in the hopes that I can do some volunteer work and help them launch a new intranet. This happy co-incidence occured because of CommsCamp16.

I also hope to connect with a men’s health charity, as my small charity would like to share content with them.

Recent work

User research into the usability of Office 365.

Assessment and recommendation of a new intranet platform for a large organisation.

Website review.

Webblog launch (not a revamp, a brand new launch).

Really now?

This ‘Now’ page gives a quick overview of what I’m actually doing – stuff that my Tweets might not make obvious. See

See my Tumblr for an archive of all previous ‘now’ records.

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