Free intranet benchmarking

As an associate of Andrew Wright’s Worldwide Intranet Challenge, I can talk you through the results of your intranet benchmark.

CertificateBenchmarking can help you in a number of practical ways:

  1. obtain evidence for your intranet improvement / replacement business case;
  2. determine the impact of an intranet redesign by measuring usability / value before and after;
  3. learn good practices and tips from other participants;
  4. help prioritise your digital workplace activities;
  5. set goals for your intranet team and the performance of your intranet.

To have your intranet benchmarked against 200+ organisations (and counting), take a look at what the service entails:

The free online intranet benchmarking service allows organisations to obtain feedback from their actual intranet end users and compare this feedback with other participating organisations. So far over 55,000 people from 200+ organisations in 23 countries have completed the Worldwide Intranet Challenge survey. It is currently available in 13 languages.

Once your benchmarking is complete, contact me for a chat. We can do Skype, phone, or coffee.

Call me on 07950705258 during UK office hours, or connect with me however you prefer.

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