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Just getting stuff done on the intranet


Menus menus menus. Curated lists of ‘how to do’ stuff are great, but sometimes the simplest list is the ‘killer app’ of your intranet. Try the ‘I need to…’ list, and help your people get things done fast.

Intranet content manifesto – 1st draft


Hey! The second draft is right here.

I’m planning the launch of our new intranet. I need to engage hundreds of people, perhaps thousands, to get them to see the intranet as a work tool, not as a company news channel. I’m slowly going to make everyone able to publish stuff – and of course our people are not writers or web workers – the intranet isn’t their passion as it is mine.

I say “I” when of course it’s a massive IT project with dozens of stakeholders, but I’m the intranet manager so it falls to me to put voice to many a matter.

Here’s my draft manifesto, to guide everyone who writes, publishes, comments, blogs, uploads or interacts with our new intranet system. Can you help me smooth it out? I haven’t edited this; I’ll come back to it over the days and weeks, but this really is a first draft straight from my brain-fingers into the computer.

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