Internal Communications at TweetCamp

Communications, Minutiae

‘TweetCamp’ was a ‘BarCamp’ like UnConference held in Richmond on Saturday 27 June.

I realise I’ve just opened with three geeky nouns that may make no sense to half my readers; I’ll start again.

‘TweetCamp’ was the name of the Twitter get together that I attended and participated in on Saturday. It was hosted by GumTree in the GumTree / eBay / PayPal offices in Richmond.

As it was a ‘Camp’, the day was fairly unstructured, with a good deal of the content being provided by attendees, who were all active participants, rather than passive ‘attendees’. The organisers had worked with various sponsors to provide food, drinks and treats for everyone, so there was a good buzz going right from the 9:30am breakfast with mymuesli.

We were all there to talk about our use of Twitter; I first heard about TweetCamp on Twitter (tickets arranged through EventBrite) and I signed up without really knowing what it was all about. I was excited to think I might meet some of my friends and followers from Twitter.

TweetCamp Circle

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