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Writing and CommunicatingKilobox Communiqué focuses on communications, especially internal communications and employee engagement, along with channel management and intranet development within the digital workspace. Your contributions are vital to providing a rounded and expanded view of the state of comms.

Please tweet me (I’m Wedge) to discuss your article, and please consider the new pointers below for crafting a concise article with impact.

Kilobox writing template – Heading: 55 characters max, including spaces

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?Excerpt – for the home page and for tweeting: fewer than 27 words
Body – first half: 250 – 350 words


Body – second half: 350 – 250 words


Bio (including Twitter, website, photo)

Writing tips (purely for the Kilobox site)

  • Be conversational but use short sentences.
  • Make good use of paragraphs.
  • Provide context but launch straight into your idea in the opening paragraph.
  • Link to web pages to provide evidence, context, definitions and examples.
  • End with a call to action; readers should not only be informed by your article, but inspired to act.
  • Don’t actually count your words; please write ‘around’ 600 words with a sub-heading in the middle.
  • If you have an idea for a long-form essay, then great! Please use sub-headings throughout.
  • Don’t dumb your writing down just to adhere to ‘simple communication rules’ – use your voice to imbue the article with personality and verve. Don’t be boring.
  • Email me your text, or draft it in Google Drive, or whatever is easiest for you.

A good deal of the Kilobox blogsite is given over to tips on writing good communications for varied audiences; however the above tips are purely for contributing writers for the Kilobox blogsite itself. I wish to provide a rich yet succinct reading experience to casual, mobile, and professional visitors.

Please tweet or mail me with your idea.

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