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My training services can be procured through ClearBox Consulting, where I work most days.

My writing, menu navigation design, and website services are my personal offering; hire me directly as a freelancer or contractor.

Comms writing

Writing, copyediting, full editing, and overall message shaping to suit your objectives and the needs of the audiences.

Whether for employees or potential customers, I can craft the text needed to encourage action.

Let’s talk about your regular or ad-hoc communication needs.

Workshop training

Content design for internal communicators

Designing content for intranet reference pages

Content tactics for text formatting and intranet page layout

Full-day on-site (UK, Europe) or several virtual sessions. Bringing content design principles and techniques to your communications. Considering the intranet and other digital channels, to create more reader-centred pages that are relevant and useful to the audiences. Provided through ClearBox Consulting,

Intranet menu design

Based on robust (and easy) user research, I will layout the structure of the best-fit menus.

By testing and retesting, the design will be provably better than your current intranet navigation menu, helping employees get to what they need.

Contact me to discuss.

Blogging and content marketing

Writing around the topics of content, intranets, and the digital workplace, I can provide best-practice guidance or thought-provoking articles for your website, blog, or whitepaper.

Blogsite launch

Revamp the design and functionality of your blog or get a brand new blogsite in two or three weeks, not months.

I’ve launched dozens of sites in the last few years, relying on established platforms and off-the-shelf themes for the design, allowing me to provide a solid, usable website or blog to people and small organisatiions that do not have big budgets or technical prowess.

Social media management

I can provide short messages for you to post on Twitter and LinkedIn, or I can manage the content and the networks for you.

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Match the message to the audience to the medium.