Having worked long-term within several internal communications teams, I’ve been involved with digital comms for over eight years.

I’ve always been in charge of the intranet’s use and development, and have been the senior editor and message shaper for corporate internal communications and external websites.

Although I have a history of working for large corporations, I’ve also been an intranet consultant working with small to medium businesses. As an independent intranet and comms specialist, I’m helping clients achieve more with their content across the digital landscape.

Writing, editing, message shaping

If your employees deserve well-crafted guides, explanations, news and views, I can draft material to your specification. If your website is crying out for content, I can help with topics and supply a steady stream of articles. If your marketing materials are aging, or overly complex, I can re-shape them to be easy-read guides.

Formal announcements, informal updates, engaging material and all the ‘how to‘ articles your intranet or website might need. I match the message to the audience, so let’s discuss the channels you could use and the audiences you wish to reach – as well as the behaviours you wish to encourage.

Content strategy

Not as hard as some would have you believe, but it goes beyond ‘channel audits’. Content strategy starts with yout goals, works through ‘what content should go where‘ and ends with a user experience that meets people’s expectations.

The content you have is valuable; let’s not throw it out, let’s consider how and when people want to use it, and get it in front of people when they need it. This isn’t about having it ever present on the home page of your intranet or website, it’s about relevant content at the point of need.

I can help you identify gaps in your content, suggest topics and write drafts to help your subject matter experts provide just what your audiences need.

Perhaps you just need your content to reach more people, more of the right people – I can help you make your content social.

People need to find stuff; whether on your intranet or website, the navigation has to lead people, and meet their expecations.

I can help you consider your navigation titles and the placement of your menu items so as to increase ‘discovery‘ (the ability to find things one wasn’t sure one wanted) and improve direct navigation. I can base the assessment on real results from users, either in person (group activity) or online (individual exercise).

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