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Welcome to my website!

Basically, everything here is mine, or somebody else’s published with permission, written for you. Please don’t republish my work unless I explicitly provide permission to do so.

I dumped Google Analytics in 2020! I’m sick to death of Google and DoubleClick and all that ‘big data’ tracking. Reliance on Google erodes our personal freedoms. My site is built with WordPress technology and I make use of WordPress analytics now. I’m flirting with Matomo Analytics too, which is a small service that seems more ethical to me. My site collects non-identifiable statistical data about your visit. Most websites track hits don’t they? I want to assure you that I go no further than most sites, and I can’t track you as a person or contact you unless you actually give me your email address / details.

‘Website copyright’ does not exist! A website is made up of many separate works (as defined by UK law).

The ‘look n feel’ design and code of Kilobox is mostly the copyright of Code Supply Co; the text / written content is the copyright of me, Wedge (unless shown to be authored by others); the images / photos might be the copyright of me, the person named, or nobody (free-to-use images).

Terms? You use this blogsite for infotaintment purposes :)

Email privacy

If I have your email address, I won’t share it with anyone else.

There are three ways I might gain your email address:

  1. You subscribe to my blog on purpose; this means you will be auto-notified whenever I publish a new article. You can subscribe and unsubscribe below.
  2. You leave a comment underneath one of my articles and subscribe as well; this is the same as above.
  3. You ‘follow’ my blog with your own WordPress identity. I don’t really control this one.
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Real terms? You’re you and I am me. You can hire me and I’ll abide by your company’s Ts&Cs, including your overly-wordy Non-Disclosure Agreements…

You hire me, I work for you, and then I invoice you at the end of the work / end of the month, and then you pay me by bank transfer. It’s a normal arrangement, no?

Opt-out of Matomo tracking

I don’t use Google Analytics to track my website use, so don’t worry. I rely on default view-tracking from WordPress and Matomo analytics, which I judge to be ethical.

To opt-out of Matomo tracking, untick the box below.

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

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