My five best intranet design ideas

Round up of some hopefully useful intranet articles, with ideas to put directly into practice.

I’ve been writing about Internal Communications for many years now, and have focussed on intranet best practices quite a bit in recent years. Here are five good ideas for designing and improving your current intranet:

Seven easy intranet
improvements to make this month
– with no financial outlay and just some common sense, you can improve your intranet pages now and forever more.

The disappearance of front page news –
how do your readers find your intranet news stories?
– ‘news archives’ are usually a poorly designed ‘black hole’ where stories go to die. How can we improve the archive’s usability?

The font size in your communications – Microsoft Word, emails and the intranet all have different default font sizes, and different font measurement scales.

Grab your reader by the eye balls – people ‘see’ the page before they read it. The secret is to have good layout with multiple locations for the eye to rest on and a flair with images.

One for external websites – Are you chasing PageRank and SEO? – Five things you can do to raise your external / customer facing website’s profile.

[cta button_text=”9 intranet ideas” button_url=”” animation=”true” button_style=”solid” button_color=”red”]My latest nine intranet ideas to implement in about an hour each:[/cta]

Please do leave your comments and ideas on the relevant article, or lay it on me below.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Are you on a mobile device? For some reason, the links were working for desktop browsing but failing for mobile browsing :( Sorry.

    I have fixed the links and they should work on any device now.


  2. Weird; will double check my links in the future – odd that some browsers affected and others not. Will have to keep an eye on my code. Cheers.

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