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Love of the written

We bandy the word 'passion' around too much, but love of the λόγος (logos) should drive our written expressions.

Getting it done and choosing success

I've come to know three things about getting big things done. So many people have told us what success is built around, but doesn't success, and even happiness, come down to these three things? Nothing easy, but simple enough yeah?

Back to work, but with what attitude?

Wedge notices that the city, and the office, is preternaturally quiet. Are people absent just because it's Friday and after New Year? Anyway, Wedge looks at goals and values.

Praise and criticism

Wedge faces criticism and praise with equanimity. Find out just what that means.

The importance of pursuing happiness

Thoughts and emotions can be massive drivers, but don't let your thoughts and emotions control you - they are yours to experience and control.