[section background_color=”#A25CA5″ text_color=”light” title=”” extra_class=””] [slogan title=”Intranet design and reader-centred communications,
from Wedge in the UK” animation=”true”] Next event, maybe: Intranet Now conference, 9th October 2020, London.
[/slogan] [twothirds] I help medium and large organisations plan and design the structure, navigation, governance, and content for their intranets.

I also assist small orgs with content marketing and social media management.
You can hire me with very little fuss, for one afternoon or an extended project. I generally work from my home office and I work around London and Birmingham, but I travel across the UK as needed. You’ll see me on Twitter most days.

You might have read my blog for the past decade, when I was in ‘MarComms‘ for a couple of large companies – now you can get to know me better as a freelancer.

Beyond working for and with some smashing companies and people, I do my best to contribute to the intranet, comms, and digital workplace professions. I founded the Intranet Now conference – the only independent intranet conference in the UK. I hope you’ll attend in 2019.

[/twothirds] [onethird last=”true”][team_member name=”My name is Wedge, it really is, and I’m a freelance intranet and communications specialist.” role=”I help with intranet design, and these days, intranet content marketing.” social=”Twitter,https://twitter.com/Wedge,Tumblr,http://tumblr.kilobox.net,Pinterest,https://uk.pinterest.com/WedgeBlack/,SlideShare,http://www.slideshare.com/WedgeBlack,Skype,skype:wedgekin?call,Vine,https://vine.co/u/906511027116580864, Instagram,https://www.instagram.com/wedgewould/” image_url=”http://kilobox.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/wedge-intranet-now.jpg”][/onethird][/section][section background_color=”#6C326E” text_color=”light” title=”Articles” extra_class=””] My blog articles are below, but I also write for ClearBox, Content Formula, and occasionally Intranetizen, Melcrum, Ragan, Simply Communicate, and the Journal of Internal Communications. Further musings on Medium and LinkedIn.

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[testimonial autoplay=”5000″ transition=”fade” pagination=”true”] [quote image_url=”http://kilobox.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/gloria-lombardi.jpg” author=”Gloria Lombardi, Marginalia magazine founder and publisher”]”I’ve known Wedge online and off for a few years, and he was very helpful in guiding me on how to set up Marginalia.online – he supported me with the technical work and gave me plenty of advice. His knowledge and work ethic, combined with friendliness, meant I could trust him throughout the process.”[/quote] [quote image_url=”http://kilobox.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/logo-sq-clearbox.png” author=”Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting”]”With Wedge’s help, our social media presence has greatly improved. He has a deep understanding of both the process and the topic.”[/quote] [quote image_url=”http://kilobox.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/oscar-berg.jpg” author=”Oscar Berg, author and collaboration strategist”]”Wedge did a great job copyediting my book ‘Collaborating in a Social Era’.
He is very collaborative and easy to work with and helped me improve the book considerably.”[/quote] [quote image_url=”http://kilobox.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/logo-sq-content-formula.png” author=”Content Formula”]”Wedge looks after our social media accounts, writes our blog articles, and supports our client pitches and intranet design process.”[/quote] [/testimonial] [/section] [section background_color=”#DCFF6A” title=”Notoriety” text_color=”dark”]
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[timeline] [timeline_aside title=”From corporate comfort to independent hustler”]My career progression has been logical and fairly smooth. As a corporate communicator I endeavoured to focus on internal communications and the intranet, but was often tasked with managing the company website as well. I also led a million pound SharePoint project; it’s true what they say — it’s not all about the technology (it’s about people).

Later, as a full-time intranet consultant, I helped a score of small to large organisations plan and launch their new intranets. Now, as an independent specialist, I’m fortunate enough to work with some well-known intranet consultancies and design agencies.

I work from my home office and travel around London and the Midlands to meet clients, and work in a team when needed.

I’m still hands-on with intranets, but a lot of my time is spent writing about intranets, collaboration, and communication.
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    Just tweet, call, or mail me

    I’m @Wedge on Twitter.

    My Skype name is Wedgekin.

    My phone number is 07950705258 – my name is Wedge, so just say ‘hi’.

    Mail me on Wedge@kilobox.net

    [/onehalf][/section][onewhole background_color=”#AA92EB” title=”” text_color=”dark”]I work around the UK.[/onewhole]