‘Designing your intranet’ published at Simply-Communicate

Your intranet is for your people, and so it needs to meet their expectations and help them get work done. The intranet is no longer just about ‘news’.

The lovely people over at simply-communicate.com have published an article I wrote. Kelly Kass was kind enough to notice my work here at Kilobox Communiqué and asked me to contribute to the simply-communicate toolkits.

Designing your intranet around your people lays out some ideas about the purpose of your intranet, the way people actually use it, blogs, videos, governance, and even how the look n feel affects the usability. I even manage to cram in some everyday hates that people have about badly designed pages.

Content is crucial of course, but it’s not priority for employees. They have a specific query that needs a specific answer. They are task-focused and are not browsing for general education purposes.

My thanks go to Kelly for editing my article into a more engaging piece. I’m an editor myself (in my day job) and I appreciate that the editor usually knows the audience better than the writer. Kelly helped knock my article into an easy to read shape.

Check out Designing your intranet around your people now over at simply-communicate. There’s a photo of me that I wish I hadn’t used too!


Photo credit: Anirudh Koul

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