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Intranet design and reader-centred communications

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Content strategy, design, management

Well crafted communications

My services

Intranet design

Evidence-based navigation design

Intranet design

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Social media marketing

Social media management for your small company

I manage several client accounts, focusing on intranets and brand building.

Intranet design and reader-centred communications,
from Wedge in the UK

Next event: WhatApp live webinar with simply communicate: 1 April 2015

I help medium and large organisations plan and design the structure, navigation, governance, and content for their intranets.

I also assist small orgs with content marketing and social media management.
You can hire me with very little fuss, for one afternoon or an extended project. I work around London and Birmingham, but I travel across the UK as needed; I generally work from my home office. You’ll see me on Twitter most days.

You might have read my blog for the past decade, when I was in ‘MarComms‘ for a couple of large companies – now you can get to know me better as a freelancer.

Beyond working for and with some smashing companies and people, I do my best to contribute to the intranet, comms, and digital workplace professions. I founded the Intranet Now (un)conference – the only independent intranet conference in the UK. I hope you’ll attend in October.

My name is Wedge, it really is, and I'm a freelance intranet and communications specialist.

My name is Wedge, it really is, and I'm a freelance intranet and communications specialist.

I help with intranet design, and these days, intranet content marketing.



I know how it feels to be responsible for the success of an intranet. Let me help polish your plans, suggest improvements, and validate your goals in a friendly review, either over coffee or through a structured review of your documents. Together, we can plan your vision, strategy, metrics, IA, and navigation / home page design, and set the governance that will help keep your intranet well maintained.

  • Vision, strategy, and roadmap;
  • Structure, IA, and navigation;
  • Governance and metrics;
  • User-testing.

Improve your intranet


Internal comms

Let’s revamp your communication strategy and channel management approach to better fit your evolving organisation. While you’re an expert, many within your ‘extended network’ are not experienced writers or publishers – I can train and mentor people, multiplying the power of your core team. I can also become part of your comms team, working remotely to manage the publishing of news and announcements on your intranet.

  • Strategy;
  • Tactics and good practices;
  • Writing and publishing;
  • Content strategy.

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I specialise in intranet marketing. I know that’s a small niche, but you’d be surprised how many vendors, consultancies, and communication agencies have a focus on intranets and the digital workplace. My services revolve around marketing collateral, whitepapers, and blog articles – it’s all about ‘top of mind‘ marketing. Crafting and publishing content is one matter, getting it infront of people is another. ‘Content marketing’ includes having your articles published on other platforms, outside of your own website.

  • Article writing;
  • Ghost writing;
  • Content marketing;
  • Blog management.

Marketing for SMBs


Social media managament

Much as I would love talking to consumers, my focus is on intranet and collaboration systems marketing (B2B). My background is perfectly relevant, and I’m trusted by several brands to talk about intranet platforms and good practices. Social media marketing is about relationships, sharing ideas and good practices, and ‘top of mind‘ marketing. Your brand cannot develop trust / interest if it’s not genuinely present on social networks. No, it’s not ridiculous to be paid to tweet, and no, it’s not all about Twitter!

  • Strategy and tactics;
  • Social media profile management;
  • Original updates through the day;
  • Boost your content marketing and website visitors.

Supercharge your social presence

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My blog articles are below, but I also write for ClearBox, Content Formula, and occasionally Intranetizen, Deathto.email, Melcrum, Ragan, Simply Communicate, and the Journal of Internal Communications. Further musings on Medium and LinkedIn.


Write for your audience, not for your boss

Skill up

Internal comms
Intranet design
Social media
Marketing comms

Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting

“With Wedge’s help, our social media presence has greatly improved. He has a deep understanding of both the process and the topic.”

Sam Marshall, ClearBox Consulting
Content Formula

“Wedge looks after our social media accounts, writes our blog articles, and supports our client pitches and intranet design process.”

Content Formula

“Wedge is helping us revamp our website content, and has guided our social media strategy.”



Years' XP
Intranets launched
TV interviews

Ten years' experience

From corporate comfort to independent hustler

My career progression has been logical and fairly smooth. As a corporate communicator I endeavoured to focus on internal communications and the intranet, but was often tasked with managing the company website as well. I also led a million pound SharePoint project; it’s true what they say — it’s not all about the technology (it’s about people).

Later, as a full-time intranet consultant, I helped a score of small to large organisations plan and launch their new intranets. Now, as an independent specialist, I’m fortunate enough to work with some well-known intranet consultancies and design agencies.

I work from my home office and travel around London and the Midlands to meet clients, and work in a team when needed.

I’m still hands-on with intranets, but a lot of my time is spent writing about intranets, collaboration, and communication.

Internal and external comms
Marconi - global intranet and web manager

Starting as the global intranet manager and intranet communications editor, I then took on the extranets and the main website in a combined role.

Intranet and internal comms
Severn Trent Water, intranet manager

Revamped the ageing intranet, led the SharePoint adoption project, and then took on the website in a combined digital communications role.

Client facing
Interact, intranet consultant

Travelled the UK, helping new clients plan, design, and adopt their new intranet.

Independent specialist
Intranet design and content marketing specialist

Now I support regular clients with their social marketing and with their corporate clients as needed.

Intranet Now conference founding
Conference founder

I created and launched the Intranet Now conference - the only independent intranet conference in the UK.

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