Terms, copyright and privacy

Welcome to my website!

Basically, everything here is mine, or somebody elses published with permission, written for you. Please don’t republish my work unless I explicitly provide permission to do so.

I collect non-identifiable statistical data about your visit. Most websites track hits don’t they? I want to assure you that I go no further than most sites, and I can’t track you as a person or contact you unless you actually give me your email address / details.

‘Website copyright’ does not exist! A website is made up of many separate works (as defined by UK law).

The ‘look n feel’ design and code of Kilobox is mostly the copyright of Mokaine; the text / written content is the copyright of me, Wedge (unless shown to be authored by others); the images / photos might be the copyright of me, the person named, or nobody (free-to-use images).

Terms? You use this blogsite for infotainment purposes :)

Real terms? You’re you and I am me. You can hire me and I’ll abide by your company’s Ts&Cs, including your overly-wordy Non-Disclosure Agreements…

You hire me, I work for you, and then I invoice you at the end of the work / end of the month, and then you pay me by bank transfer. It’s a normal arrangement, no?

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