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By job definition I'm a healthcare worker, but I also like to call myself a writer. I love words; I love reading them and I love writing them. Writing is a beautiful craft that one never stops learning, so I read a great deal too. I enjoy writing for LifeSIGNS and for myself, and I feel honoured and privileged to be writing for Kilobox amid such professional people.
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My first intranet

Intranets are not just for large corporations. Jules explains how a cloud based workplace revolutionises a small organisation.

Healthy comms

Written records are a matter of life and death in Jules' work.

Work / life balance when working from home

Jules knows a thing or two about self-management. Working from home, away from colleagues and office culture, even in this digitally connected age, can send your routines into a spin.

Tiny business comms

The challenge of finding a balance between friendliness and professionalism in a tiny business.

Truth in comms

To be honest with you…now that’s a phrase you hear too often, and I’m sure I’m guilty of…

Slow writing

I read an article in The Guardian on the art of slow reading, and how skim reading on…

Love of the written

We bandy the word 'passion' around too much, but love of the λόγος (logos) should drive our written expressions.


Jules returns to discuss the importance of a salutation when emailing, and how to respond to antagonism.

Writers need to read

Jules, a regular contributor to kilobox communiqué, shares her thoughts on how reading helps you write.