Internal communication blogs to follow

Ten blogs dedicated to communications and internal communications for you to follow along with me.

I’m going on a reading diet; I spend too much of my (long) commute browsing technology blogs and pretending to keep up with newspapers and politics. Right now, I’m going to be reading articles about internal communications so I can keep abreast of my industry.

In reverse alphabetical order, here are the blogs I shall be reading, run by people I’ve interacted with on Twitter. Knowing the author (in some sense) helps me understand the context, and makes me feel more emotionally engaged.

The IntersectionMike Klein blogs a few times a month about internal and external communications. Mike has worked for several enterprise sized companies and is currently a free agent. Belgium.

the big speakeasySusan Lambe blogs two or three times a month and always has something valuable and thought provoking to say about communication in general. I assume Susan is a hands-on internal communications practitioner (you know how bad my memory is). Australia.

Sharon O’deaSharon blogs infrequently but is mucho active on Twitter in a personal capacity and as a internal comms practitioner, thrives on comms and intranet stuff. UK.

Mark MorrellMark blogs several times a month and discusses BT’s intranet quite candidly, so again, Mark is a practitioner who practices what he preaches. UK.

It’s not rocket scienceLiam Fitzpatrick blogs a few times a month and is an internal comms best practice evangelist (I suspect he has something to do with black belts). Liam is a change and comms consultant, but I’m sure he’s been a long-term practitioner as I once sat at a desk that in previous years was in the position of a different desk that Liam had once glanced at. UK.

Intranet BlogToby Ward blogs several times a month (yay) and talks about enterprise architecture, intranets, information management and much more. Toby is the founder of Prescient Digital Media and so is an expert consultant for intranet  deployment. Canada.

Diary of an internal communicatorRach Allen blogs a few times a month and has been an internal comms person for a variety of large companies, so again is a practitioner (there’s that word again). UK.

CommscrumCommscrum is a collective of communicators, that blogs a few times a month in a conversational manner with Commscrum member quotes building the article. UK and beyond.

Communication AmmoSean Williams blogs a few times a month and focuses on comms (inc. PR) and measurement. Sean is a freelancer. USA.

Bas ZurburgBas blogs a few times a month and touches on intranets, web design and social communications; he’s got a tech background. I think Bas is the intranet guy and is therefore a practitioner (oh how we love the bloggers who work). Netherlands.

I’ve popped all of these blogsites into my browser (and my Feed Reader) on my iPhone and I just hope they provide enough content between them to keep me happy as a commute. It will do my soul good to be focussed and I might well choose to comment more, and comments are so important aren’t they?

Of course I didn’t mean to miss you from my list! I just have a terrible terrible memory (and a medical note that explains why…) yes of course I’ve enjoyed our conversations on Twitter! Please do nudge me (DM me?) and I’ll see about adding your blog to my reading list.

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  1. Much appreciate the mention, and particularly the top billing (even if it is the result of reverse alphabetical order). Have just finished a book draft that’s been keeping me away from blogging for the last couple of weeks–new stuff is on the way.

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