I’m just looking, I’m not buying

You accuse Wedge of cheating on Google. What’s a web-boy to do?

Wedge: So then I said that I’d be out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini in a jiffy!

You: Ahem, Wedge.

Wedge: What what?

You: I think we have to talk.

Wedge: How do you mean?

You: Everyone’s all of a flutter, and you haven’t even said anything.

Wedge: I don’t know what you mean.

You: I think you do. You’re eyes are beginning to stray.

Wedge: I was just looking! There’s no harm in looking!

You: You look with your eyes, not with your mouse…

Wedge: Well I had to try it…

You: Was it worth it?

Wedge: No, it wasn’t as good; it felt rather random and ever so slightly awkward.

You: So you still love Google?

Wedge: Very much, that’ll never change, don’t you worry.

You: What was its name?

Wedge: It’s not important, don’t think about it.

You: What was it’s name?! This isn’t the first time is it?

Wedge: You mean that time with Copernic? Look, I like Copernic, I respect the work they do in the desktop space and I think they have an interesting handle on web search, that’s all. I love Google, I just…

You: You slipped? You got bored?

Wedge: No, it’s just, well, there can’t be just the one search engine can there? I mean, don’t you ever think that maybe we were born to explore the web from different angles?

You: Sure, sounds fun, but you’ll get hurt, conflicting results, poor keyword matches and one day you’ll be alone without any accounts. So what was its name this time? I want to hear you say it.

Wedge: ~

You: Don’t make me link to it…

Wedge: Cuil, OK, it was Cuil.

You: What? What did you say? It was cool?

Wedge: No, yes, no it wasn’t, it’s called Cuil – oh don’t get like that…

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