Please Technorati Me

Wedge finally joins Technorati, but can’t use his name of Wedge so uses kilobox

So I joined Technorati and ‘claimed’ my blog.

I’ve been aware of Technorati for many years, but I never really ‘got it’. I guess I always thought it was Digg for technology blogs.

Turns out, Technorati tracks blogs of all kinds, and has some useful tools to offer. I’m most interested in ‘Faves‘ and ‘Authority‘. I guess I need ‘Faves’ to be popular, and to be ‘Authoratative’ will take a great many posts and several years I suppose.

You can help me by favouring me with your faves, and helping me become more authoratative; how do I do that on Technorati? Your words of wisdom would be a big help.

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