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Internal communication courses and qualifications

Which accreditor provides the best IC qualifications? There’s only one way to find out!

If you have ambitions to further your understanding and professional options within Internal Communications then some kind of qualification can help. The hardest thing is scheduling, so check your diaries now, and talk to your manager about workload and financial sponsorship.

Graduation CakeCIPR Internal Communication Certificate

6 months – £1530 – PR Academy – London

Four classroom days:

  • Sat 8 Nov 2014
  • Sat 22 Nov 2014
  • Sat 13 Dec 2014
  • Sat 24 Jan 2014

Run at Etc Venues, Bishopsgate – 10.30am to 4pm
(Must also be a CIPR Member – anuual cost: £145)


CIPR Internal Communication Diploma

(Should have IC Certificate)

6 months – £1850 – PR Academy – London

Five classroom days:

  • Sat 8 Nov 2014
  • Sat 22 Nov 2014
  • Sat 13 Dec 2014
  • Sat 24 Jan 2015
  • Sat 21 Feb 2015 (tutorials)

Run at Etc Venues, Bishopsgate – 10.30am to 4pm
(Must also be a CIPR Member – anuual cost: £145)


IoIC Foundation Diploma of Proficiency in Internal Communication

6 months – £1740

  • Immersion day (Must attend)
  • Evidence file
  • Practical project
  • Final exam (Must attend)

(Must be a IoIC Member – anuual cost: £178.50 + £60 one-off joining fee)


IoIC Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in Internal Communication

(Should have IoIC Foundation)

6 month – can be done without Foundation with pre-entry exam
for further details & costs email


Kingston Internal Communication Management Masters

(Should have professional qualification)

1 year – £6594 – Kingston Business School, London
Induction day in September 2014

  • Workshop 1 – 2 days – September
  • Workshop 2 – 2 days – January
  • Workshop 3 – 2 days – April
  • Workshop 4 – 2 days – July

Module 1-2 result in Postgraduate Diploma
Module 1-4 result in Masters


Uni of Central Lancashire MSc in Internal Communication Management

(Should have Hons Degree)

2.5 years – £4725 – Preston

  • Year 1 – 3 modules
  • Year 2 – 3 modules and dissertation

Combination of 2.5 days at Uni for each module and online teaching.

  • Alternate exit 3 modules only – Postgraduate Certificate (£1575)
  • Alternate exit 6 modules only – Postgraduate Diploma (£3150)


Intranet managers

And what of intranet managers? I will have to mind-map all the skills and supporting experience / qualifications that an intranet manager might benefit from, but for now, check out the open online courses that Sharon O’Dea collated for Intranetizen earlier in the year.

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