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Here at Kilobox Communiqué you’ll find that I write a great deal about intranet management, design and internal communications – but I’m also involved with external communications and social media.

About Wedge

I write, I’m a writer me. Find me on Twitter as Wedge. I’m a professional copywriter and editor, although I’m not convinced that the moniker of ‘professional’ is needed or desired. I write for the money, but I write for the love too. I have been web publishing for years, having learnt HTML coding at university back in the late 90s (I wasn’t studying web development you understand, I taught myself), and I’m an original child of the internet having been online since 1984, long before Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

I describe myself as a writer and communicator; I write, edit, train people, and give talks. I’m also a consummate web and intranet manager and enjoy publishing.


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Published [print]

Published [online]

  • The multi-channel intranet, via The Social Workplace
  • Designing your intranet around people, via Simply Communicate
  • Eight tips to mobilise your intranet, via Melcrum

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