Here at Kilobox Communiqué you’ll find that I write a great deal about intranet management, design and internal communications – but I’m also involved with external communications and social media.

I’m a freelance communications and intranet specialist, and you can hire me. I mean, why not you?

I’m an associate of Content Formula, ClearBox Consulting, and the Worldwide Intranet Challenge.

Services include:

  • intranet consultancy (strategic and hands-on)
  • communications (strategic planning and writing)
  • social media management / social media marketing
  • content marketing


About Wedge

I write, I’m a writer me. Find me on Twitter as Wedge. Find out more about my interest in intranets via this Intranatverk interview. I’m a professional copywriter and editor, although I’m not convinced that the moniker of ‘professional’ is needed or desired. I write for the money, but I write for the love too. WedgeI have been web publishing for years, having learnt HTML coding at university back in the 90s (I wasn’t studying web development you understand, I taught myself), and I’m an original child of the Internet, having been online since 1984, long before Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

I manage several blogs and several more social media accounts for my associates and clients. Professionally, I describe myself as a writer and communicator; I write, edit, train people, and give talks. I’m also a consummate web manager and enjoy publishing. I tend to work for large companies with a global reach, but I also freelance for smaller organisations around the UK. My personal life is of little importance, unless you count my passion for new experiences, snow boarding, kite flying, ant keeping and novel writing as important, which I do. I give a lot of my time to raising awareness about emotional and mental health, and I frequently train doctors and healthcare workers in patient care concepts.

Skill up

Internal comms
Intranet design
Marketing comms


Journal of Internal Communication
Strategic Communication Management
Health Care Practicioner Journal
Social Workplace
Simply Communicate


I am on 419 people’s Twitter lists, and I’m more proud of this stat than of my Twitter follower number. I am listed as a ‘stellar intranet expert and blogger‘ by Intranet Connections. I’m said to be one of the most mentioned / retweeted people in regard to internal communication and intranet topics, by DNN and Laadtail. I am listed as a ‘corporate communicator you should follow‘ by Ragan. Kilobox is a ‘go to’ site for employee communications, according to ETS.
Peer Index 66
Klout 57

Who I work for

I am an independent contractor – a lance for hire, so to speak. I’m available to you, is the point I’m making.

As well as clients, I also founded the Intranet Now annual conference with Brian Lamb. Beyond our conference, we’re building Intranet Now into a bit of a brand.

Over the long-term, I am working for:


ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting – Intranets | Collaboration | SharePoint
I help ClearBox clients with intranet structure, navigation, and general design. I also lead and manage ClearBox marketing activities.

Content Formula
Content Formula – ‘We use content and technology to engage and convert’
I manage Content Formula social media marketing and content marketing activities. I occasionally help with very large intranet goverance.

Who I collaborate with

Further to working with Sam, Dan, and Brian (as above) I also collaborate on several projects that are less commercially focused.

Deathto.email – with Oscar Berg
A communications resource.
WhatApp? – with simply-communicate
Comms app review webinar.
Digital workplace content directory – TBA
The best comms, engagement, and intranet links, every day – TBA


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