Stories in photographs

Two fantastic artists and their photographic galleries.

This is my first rave. No, it’s not the Nineties again and I’m not in some warehouse flying off my tits on X, no, that would be another story. This is my first rave as in ‘ranting and raving’ – every so often I shall blog about things that excite and delight me (raves) and things that annoy and confound me (rants).

No matter what kind of blog or website you’re running, you should always link to other people and sites who inspire and interest you. The web is hung on the gossamer links we create, so get linking people!

Photographic stories

Young Mr. Pfluger over in Brooklyn has a fine portfolio and a client list to be proud of. I’ve never been impressed with ‘collections’ because I’ve rarely seen the thread that ties disparate photos together, but Ryan Pfluger’s themes are clearly meant to be together; each and every piece tells a story that even the least imaginative person may divine.

I’m particularly touched by the portrait of Kyle, or rather, I’d like to be touched by Kyle. I like art of many kinds, but clearly I’m a sucker for salubrious salaciousness.

Shots in time

Now I’d like to introduce you to my good friend Rick; he’s been in the photographic business for a few years now and is making inroads to becoming a professional photographer himself.

I set his blog up (which I need to improve with some decent gallery plug-ins) and you’ll see that he’s travelled well and taken some great shots of people and places. For me, Rick captures moments in time, and it’s up to the viewer to find any story that might or might not be evident.

I’m fond of his panaramic shot of the arcades down on the sea-front.

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