My intranet heroes at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen

Highlighting some awesome intranet heroes who will speak at the up-coming IntraTeam intranet conference in Copenhagen.

So the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen is coming up on the 1st of March, and if you haven’t booked your place already you should seriously consider attending. Speak to your manager / director now about the benefits of attending an intranet focussed conference and learning from some of the top minds in the industry.

Not me, I’m just attending, but maybe it would be edifying to have a chat. If you’re in charge of your company’s intranet or involved with design and implementation, join us in Copenhagen. I was really pleased to see that flights from the UK are very reasonably priced.

You get to choose the seminars you attend, and as a three-day conference, there’s a serious amount of time to focus on the intranet developments that interest you and your business.

Here are just some of the ‘intranet heroes’ who are speaking at the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2011 (Twitter hashtag = #IEC11). Lots of people are speaking, I’m sorry I can’t feature them all – just because I know some people’s names doesn’t mean that other people aren’t awesome!

Day 1 – Tuesday 1st of March

Martin White of Intranet Focus, ‘Delivering intranet user requirements’ and ‘Gaining management support for intranet enhancements’.

Shel Holtz of Holtz Communications, ‘Increase knowledge and engagement with internal podcasts’. (I don’t actually follow Mr. Holtz on Twitter, but he’s a respected author and speaker.)

Day 2 – Wednesday 2nd of March

Shel Holtz of Holtz Communications, ‘Extract value from employees’ social networks’.

William Amurgis of AEP Corporate Communications, ‘The intranet as an employee relationship management system’. How exciting!

Fredrik Wackå of Webbårdgivaren, ‘Understanding needs and building structure – facts, not gut feeling’.

Day 3 – Thursday 3rd of March

Christy A. Season of SCANA Services, ‘Award winning intranet: SCANA’.

I know; it’s terrible that I don’t list more people, but check out the programmes and the LinkedIn group to see who you know!

The IntraTeam Event (2011 Copenhagen) details can be found at:

As there isn’t much time to go, you should Tweet @IntraTeam if you have any questions.

I will see you there,


Photo credit: atomicShed

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