Internal social comms conference to SMILE about

I’ve got my own table at September’s social media conference, but don’t let that put you off – check the topics and see who else you can talk with.

SMILEThe Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise (SMILE) conference is set for the 23rd of September 2013, at Prospero House in London. It kinda kicks off London Social Media Week.

SMILE will bring a couple of hundred practitioners and communication leaders together for a full day to tackle the challenges faced by companies who want to support true dialogue and employee engagement. Talks and discussions will focus on informal leadership communication, having middle managers empower teams, and the concerns and benefits of a workforce that relies on internal social communications.

Look out for talks / seminars from Unicef, the European Commission, the City of London, and several more.

Table talks

Beyond the key notes, interviews and speakers from global enterprises, Simply Communicate has invited a dozen communication professionals to facilitate initimate (do I mean ‘intense’?) group discussions around specific topics. I informally held such a discussion at SMILE back in March and I’m honoured to be formally invited to take part again in September.

The table talks may well cover a dozen topics, and be held twice in the day for up to thirty minutes. You’ll have chance to wander in and out, so you could take part in three or four topics I might imagine.

Let me tell you who you can talk to openly and informally; you’ll see that I’m in very good company!

Click a name for their website:

It’s a veritable who’s that of communications! I jest of course; I shall be envious of everyone who gets into deep conversation with any of the specialists above – I’ve met all but three, and hope to have time to talk to each.

See all our tweets by viewing / subscribing to the SMILE Twitter list that holds all the discussion moderators.

The Twitter hashtag is #smwSMILE

 Table topics

It’s early days, and Simply Communicate (you know Mark, Silvia, and Gloria?) has plenty of time to work out the details, but topics mooted include: ROI; social risk; channel strategy; reverse mentoring; platform adoption; content strategy; leadership comms; community management; social media and HR; employee engagement; visual information and video channels; and measurement.

Get in there

The previous SMILE conference was in March 2013, where I facilitated table discussions around how to measure the success of enterprise social networks.

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