The difference between a website and a real organisation

Wed has a rant about people who pretend to represent ‘organisations’ that don’t really exist.

I wrote this article for FirstSigns, the voluntary organisation I founded in 2002. I guess I’m just saying that many organisations have websites, but some may not, while some websites have organisations behind them, while many do not.

When I started surfing the web (and soon after, publishing on it) in the mid-nineties, I was struck by how all the websites were run by people; people you could reach out to. Over time, much of the web has become corporateville – nameless faceless worker bees maintaining committee led marketing based websites. Since the rise of, Moveable Type and WordPress, it’s refreshing to again find websites run by real people – by individuals on a mission with a voice.

That said, many ‘amateur hobby sites’ pass themselves off as ‘established organisations’ simply because looking professional is so easy these days.

And that’s why I wrote the following article: The difference between a website and an organisation

Check it out over at the FirstSigns blog (a website front-end for the FirstSigns org :) and consider my 14  points of differences.



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