This week’s conferences: Innovation and Intranets

I have three days of conferences ahead of me, how ’bout you? I have a short presentation to make to clients, but you’re also invited to hear from some incredibly well-known people, so take a look and come along!

Wowsers! So much going on this week.


OfficeAt Interact HQ we’ve been preparing for our annual intranet conference – I say ‘we’, but this is my first and I’m very excited to have a slot on the first day, to talk to our clients about online collaboration in theory and practice. I like my presentation (it is not ‘death by PowerPoint’) and I just have to hope not to lose people’s interest by stumbling over my worms or going too far off-track! In my recent AudioBoo [mini-podcast] I threatened that I could ‘say anything’ – so if you’re coming along, let’s see what happens!

But anyway, what conferences are you attending this week?

Tuesday 11thIBM Innovate – register for free – I can only hope to catch the morning key notes on the first day, and it was very nice to be invited as a ‘industry blogger’. I also hope to, one day, take part in some IBM video discussions about collaboration on the intranet, like with micro-blogging and wikis etc.

Wednesday 12thInteract Intranet Workshops – for clients – a very cool day of exercises, discussions, talks and hands-on time with real intranets. Our fantastic clients will take centre stage as they demonstrate their intranets and talk about the impact and benefits of employee engagement and collaboration, and more.

As I said, I have a little time to talk about collaboration, but my Interact Colleagues will delve deeply into use cases and best practices, and with the audience consisting of communicators and intranet managers we’re bound to have a very valuable day as we share what we’ve all learnt.

Thursday 13thInteract Intranet Conference – register now – just check out the schedule and the speakers and you’ll see this is an incredible day filled with world-renowned people sharing their experiences and knowledge. If I wasn’t automatically attending I’d want to bust down doors to get in to see Janus Boye, Sam Marshall, James Robertson, Mark Morrell, Sharon O’Dea and Lee Bryant (to name half of the speakers) as I’ve learnt so much from their blogs and tweets already, that to hear from them direct will be awesome.

Yes, I feel pretty excited about hearing from these people, people who have an impact on the intranet industry and how we think about the online world inside the firewall. You can’t blame me. Just Google their names and you’ll see what it’s so cool to have such speakers in the same room.

I shall be taking notes and sharing my thoughts and experiences, naturally.

Will you come along? Click on a few links (above) and decide, or tweet me for more.


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