Starting over – please allow me to introduce myself

Wedge introduces himself and the concept of kilobox communique.

I’m Wedge and I’m a writer, editor and communications specialist. I work within the commercial sector and the voluntary sector, and I’m passionate about good design and great writing.

I expect websites and content to be for the user and the reader; I hate lazy publishers who just dump copy online without considering the audience or the medium. We live in a push-button publishing world, but that doesn’t mean we should push the button without thought.


The domain of kilobox is my universal repository of ideas; it’s a nice generic domain that allows me to publish other stuff under it. Here, on this blog / website I intend to write a good deal on communications and such matters, however I must warn you that I’ll also be talking about many a personal thing, such as my interest in Eastern philosophy, magickal theory and the minutiae of my life in general. Yes, perhaps I should concentrate kilobox communiqué on communications and writing, but, what with all the social networks I’m on, I’m tired of spreading myself around on various blogs and websites. I want a central repository for everything that is me, and that means I’m going to break my rule about concentrating on the reader! Yes, as much as I want my readers to subscribe to my RSS, register on my website and visit often, I’m still going to consider my personal space.

I hope you’ll enjoy the variety and the getting-to-know me bits; I also hope that the more serious articles about communications and writing are useful and inspiring to you.

Digging up my shallow grave

So, this is a fresh start for me, and I’ve retired other websites and blogs to concentrate on kilobox communiqué; yes, there are some archived and incredibly old posts here, but they may well get repacked and sold ‘as new’ or they could be deleted outright – after all, I did rant a little too much back then!

The future

I hope that kilobox communiqué will come to be seen as a valuable resource for writers and communicators, and I hope that other communication professionals will deign to join me here as guest or regular feature writers. I also hope that the more quirky ‘out there’ personal blogs simply add character background, and don’t detract from the serious focus of kilobox. I happen to know a lot of technically savvy people who code by day and cast magick circles by night – some even link the two, so I’m hoping that the extra bits you’ll find here don’t alienate people. I guess I’ll need to review things in a few months.

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