Fresh Start – and I’m no longer anonymous

First of this week’s fresh starts – today I reveal my identity, tomorrow…

I wanted to remain anonymous, I really did, but I linked my very old Blogger account to my Google Account without thinking it through, and so now all my various blogs can be seen as mine, including, controversially, this one.

I left my previous company years ago; I was very proud of it, and if my ancient posts intimate that I was frustrated in my role, well, some things were a bit dire, but hey, it was great overall.

I did choose to leave and get on with my career though, and I have done; I’ve worked in Germany, worked for some big names and some smaller names, and I’m just getting my feet under the table at my new company. I hope now that I’ve outed myself that my current employers won’t be offended by anything I say about Corporate Communications, Internal Communications and Marketing; I mean to be respectful and respectable.

I’m passionate about Internal Communications, and ever so slightly appalled by the low standards some company’s set themselves, and then fail to achieve!

So, this is me, Wedge, a ‘Communications Specialist’ saying “I’m back” and you can follow me at

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