The secret second reason why your intranet news goes unread


We know the number one reason people find your intranet superfluous to requirements; irrelevant information. The ‘news’ stories are often Company focussed (what ‘we’ need to tell ‘you’, the little people) rather than ‘people focussed’ (what ‘you’ need to know to get stuff done).

We know that if an intranet, or the content, ain’t useful then it ain’t used! But what about the secret, number two, insidious reason?

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Getting it done and choosing success

Minutiae, Philosophy

I’ve come to know three things about getting big things done. So many people have told us what success is built around, but doesn’t success, and even happiness, come down to these three things? Nothing easy, but simple enough yeah?

Don’t read about internal communications

Communications, Rants

Wedge wants to join a professional body of communicators, he really does – but he doesn’t want to solely drink from the kool-aid. Read more! Immerse yourself in media and marketing – get outside Internal Communications or risk becoming stale.