Who are you? (It’s a direct question)

Wedge wants to know who you are, no really.

I’ve been tending to my kilobox communiqué site for a few short weeks now, and even though this is a new blog I see that more and more people are visiting and more people are subscribing to the newsfeed (RSS).

So may I ask who you are? I mean, this site is so young, where have you come from? And I should thank you for making the effort to get involved.

I know some of my Twitter acquaintances read the blog posts that I announce by Twitter, but still, I do wonder where people come from and what your main interest in my site might be.

Thanks to Ken, Nathanael, Jules, Craig McGill, Chris Brogan, Chris and waqtfordgap for commenting so far, I hope you guys will return, and maybe see how else you can engage with kilobox communiqué.

It may be my aim to have a large readership, and I’m certainly looking for sponsorship to help me maintain and develop my site, but there are advanatages to having a small readership – I can connect with each and every one of you, should you wish me to.

So, am I following you on Twitter? Am I reading, and linking to, your blog / website?
Would you like to say a little more about yourself in the comments below – let’s hear from you!

  1. Hiya Wedge

    I found your site through Twitter… but then you probably guessed that. Although its now added to my favourites, and actually… I should subscribe to the newsfeed because I now know how to do that =]

  2. Hello Wedge and readers,
    I’m Chris and I’m a Civil Engineer working in the construction industry. I’m not a professional writer in any way but I do have my own website at http://chris.kilobox.net and also help Wedge run http://boinc.kilobox.net and try to keep people informed with it’s bi-monthly newsletter.
    Wedge’s words of wisdom have been enlightening so far and I’m sure there’s more to learn in the coming posts.

  3. Hello, and thanks for asking. I’m an entrepreneur currently running a network of angel investors that you can find more about at http://www.dealgenerator.com.

    I was brought to this blog because a company that I’m involved with – http://www.LoaPowerTools.com – has recently attracted some customers who (1) have multiple email addresses, and (2) use Gmail (or, in some cases Apple’s MobileMe) to manage their email but don’t like having their Gmail addresses exposed (the “on behalf of” problem that I mentioned in my post). Loa PowerTools helped these customers overcome the on-behalf-of problem, so I thought I’d do a little research into it to see how big a problem it really is. (The MobileMe problem is slightly different than the on-behalf-of problem.) A search for people who had something to say about how Gmail is used with multiple email addresses led me to this blog.

    I found the entries interesting enough that I decided to keep up on what’s being said here, and then decided to enter that cautionary note about the “on behalf of” problem, and point to a small part of the information that I had found so far.

  4. I’m a screenwriter in Los Angeles. You started following me on Twitter, and I reciprocated. I’ve started digging into your site – I like the 19 ways to piss off your reader article. I also enjoy reading about your daily commute, but not for the schadenfruede. I have a blog that I do not update regularly enough, is unfocused, and a bit childish. Just like me, then. I am a social network-aholic; I’ve joined many, but very few of my real-life friends have also, so, a lot of time is spent shouting into the void (bless you Ping.fm), which is what all art is anyway.

  5. Hello everyone,

    I’m Jules and I’ve known Wedge for a few years now. He’s my webmaster for http://originalerasers.co.uk, I work with him as a director of his Voluntary Organisation http://FirstSigns.org.uk and most importantly perhaps he’s a great friend who has encouraged and inspired much of my writing.

    So, am I a writer? I’ve no idea! I certainly write; I write for FirstSigns and I write for myself, but whether I could call myself a writer or not is debatable. I’m certainly not a professional writer in the sense that I don’t get paid to write, but it is one of my ambitions that my writing will one day sustain me financially. So, I think I shall call myself an aspiring writer and leave it at that.

    I’ve found the entries in this blog to be both interesting and helpful (although some of it has gone right over my head), and they have inspired me to think about what I write, why I write and how I write.

    I look forward to seeing Kilobox Communique grow over the coming months and wish Wedge all the very best for his various writing endeavours, especially his fantastic novel http://otherkin.org.uk :)

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