Five further ideas for Internal Communications and your intranet

A round up of five articles, some in-depth, about communications and your intranet. Must be something here for you to take away.

As an Internal Communications geek, specialising in the intranet, I’ve been sharing ideas for many years now. Might I interest you in the following?

Your intranet is not a channel for you to vent on
regardless of how few people took note of your article or attended your event…

Everything you know about intranets is wrong – well, maybe not what ‘you’ know, but you’ll recognise these communication fallacies I’m sure.

The future of internal communications – my word; I wrote a fair essay on what I don’t want for the future of comms, and I’m wondering what the real future of Comms 3.0 might be.

You can’t make people care – you can’t, but you can use communications to lead in to engagement activities. Check my six points for how you can do more than merely answer people’s needs and queries.

How to provide your company policies – different Document Control Systems use / demand different processes for publication, but the intranet is often the default distribution system, so how best can you provide high-level documents?

I mentioned my five best intranet design ideas earlier, if you’d like to check ‘em out.


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Please do leave your comments and ideas on the relevant article, or lay it on me below.


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