Two ways to get free, hands-on, intranet help

Get real-life, face-to-face help for your intranet. Free.

When you’re managing an intranet, getting a fresh pair of eyes, or just an extra pair of hands, can be so valuable – yet budgets seldom stretch to include outside help.

Strawberry workersIf you’re a lone intranet or comms person, it can be especially challenging to find someone who ‘speaks your language’ or someone who can tackle your digital problems from a fresh perspective.

Here are two ways to get face-to-face help with your intranet.

Benchmark your intranet and get a free consultation

For organisations of all types and all sizes, the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) benchmarking service could be the starting point for your intranet improvements.

Over 150 organisations around the world have taken part in the WIC benchmarking, and it’s a free, self-service tool that you can get and start right now.

Once you’ve benchmarked your intranet and submited the results to the WIC, which is led by Andrew Wright, you’ll not only have an insightful summary of your intranet’s strengths and weaknesses, but also the opportunity to invite a WIC associate to go over the results with you to highlight the quick wins and deeper improvements you could make to support your organisation’s goals.

The WIC benchmarking is available globally, and associates are in several countries so you may be fortunate enough to be able to book a visit.

If you’re in the UK, ahem, you’ll basically be able to book me!

WICBenchmarking gives you a baseline, and a justficiation for making specific improvements.

Charities: ask for free help now

If working to run your charity intranet, beyond the benchmarking (above) you can simply ask for general or specific help via Intranetizen.

The Intranetizen crew are matching up small voluntary sector organisations with intranet professionals who are willing to share their time and skills.

You might know that I’ve been an intranet practitioner since 2004, and an intranet and comms consultant (do I mean ‘freelancer’?) since 2011, but I’ve also run a small charity since 2002. We got our first intranet this year, and it has revoluntionised how we work and how our volunteers integrate with our small org. We could never have afforded one of the big solutions, as we’re so small, but having a vitual office for everyone is just the best.

intranetizenAnyway, if you work in the third sector, ask for assistance from the pros who are volunteering through Intranetizen.

Isn’t that all just awesome? Free benchmarking with the option of a free session with an intranet consultant, and free intranet help and advice for charities.

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