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How Gold Coast Hospital improved training with their award-winning intranet

The university hospital digital team wanted to improve training processes. Carolyn Douglas details how they improved collaboration and e-learning.

In this guest article, Carolyn Douglas details the success factors involved in a major teaching hospital’s intranet.

Leo Marneros, Director of Emergency Training at Australia’s Gold Coast Hospital is a self-proclaimed technology geek. Leo is driven by innovation and is always looking for resources and avenues to increase the efficiency of his Emergency Department at Gold Coast Hospital. He champions web-based technologies in order to build upon innovative ideas.

Their award winning intranet approach to improved patient care and increased efficiency in internal operations netted big results and continues to stand out as a celebrated example of intranet success in the healthcare industry.

GCUH building

Training at Gold Coast

Gold Coast has one of Australia’s strongest Emergency Specialist training programs. Their hospital intranet features a dedicated team site called ‘OPUS’ for Open Learning Collaborative Teaching Platform. This site delegates smaller educational modules over different teams from doctors to nurses to nursing practitioners. Their producer / mentor style learning gives Gold Coast the ability to share the responsibility and expand their training reach to different groups and individuals.

In addition to OPUS, Leo started encouraging multiple collaborators for intranet content and improved processes in order to move him from being the main contributor for the site to the main driver for the intranet. Early innovation consisted of building a credentialing tool for rapid sequence induction.

Leo used the intranet’s test functionality to create an online, interactive test for hospital staff which would grade the submitting user once the test was complete. The staff member would then receive their grade immediately with the option of reviewing any incorrect answers. Engaging the randomised test option allows staff to take the test again with different questions, or the same questions in different order.

Building on the testing initiative, one of Gold Coast’s senior doctors created his own e-Learning form that incorporated embedded links, videos, and case studies of procedures then attached a series of test questions to ensure staff and other doctors had absorbed the information.

The intranet’s built-in workflow routes test results to supervisors for review and then stores the submissions for archival. This approach to improved e-Learning and regular, online and interactive testing of procedures and training packages delivered through the OPUS site won a commendation from the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards.

To read more about how Gold Coast Hospital connected employees through social tools and revolutionised their Pathways Program through their innovative intranet, download the full case study, or read more.

About Gold Coast

Gold Coast Hospital, located on the Gold Coast, Queensland is a major teaching and referral hospital and the third largest in Queensland. Gold Coast Hospital had one of the busiest emergency departments in the state. With over 350 employees and two locations, they are a 968-bed hospital offering services in all major health specialties.

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