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I quit my job as an intranet manager and had some time away, but now I’m back in the game with a new, fast-moving company – find out who!

I meant to tell you properly, but I quit my job as the intranet / web manager for Severn Trent Water back in late February. I did my best to help my team mates take on my tasks during my three month notice period, but I was working hard right up to the last minute of my last day.

Then I went home, walked the dog, fed the ducklings and, um, kinda failed to apply for a single job for several weeks. I must thank several friends and contacts for suggesting roles to me. But in the end, I have Nigel Danson to thank for noting my focus on intranet design and use here at Kilobox Communiqué and Twitter, and asking to see me for a consultancy role at Interact Intranet.

After a couple of meetings, discussing the role and interviewing me in a very practical sense, I joined Interact Intranet on the 23rd of May as an intranet consultant, working across the UK. I shall have the privilege to share some thoughts on intranet design and use on the Interact blog too, so I’ll keep you up to date with what I learn over the months ahead.

You will have noticed that I have some ideas and ‘good practice’ guidelines that I like to share, that I’m pretty much focused on intranet design and use, and having worked within Internal Communications and MarComms for several years I have some understanding of the need for good communications and supporting processes and systems.

I’ve been an intranet manager, a practitioner, since something like 2004, and so I know how it feels to have a broken intranet, a damaged structure, an overwhelmed home page and an unimpressed, disengaged audience. I know what it takes to redesign and renovate the structure and the content, and I know how hard it can be plan and implement a new intranet.

Now, for Interact Intranet, I shall help companies across the UK improve how they use their intranet and, for product customers, plan and build their new intranet based on Interact 4.8.

Having used several Content Management Systems, seeing a demo of Interact 4.8 made my eyes widen – just the People Finder alone made me wish I’d had such an intranet in the past.

So, my focus remains on good communications with an emphasis on using intranets as part of the digital workplace. But can I walk into other companies, meet brand new people (who probably don’t tweet…) and help them find the best ways for their business to use their intranet? That’s my challenge in June, and I’ll keep you posted for sure.

Wish me luck!

You simply must read the very kind announcement Interact Intranet made about my joining the team. It’s too too kind of course.

Then, if you like, read how I got into intranets see all the people who gave me my many breaks; I know this isn’t the Oscars, but I have several people to thank for who I am today.


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  1. Congratulations Wedge! What a fantastic career move. It will be very interesting to see what life’s like on the ‘other’ side of this particular fence!

    Looking forward to reading all about it! Thanks for the practical advice and thoughts you continue to share here :)

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