Welcome back – what to expect here at Kilobox

I could not have relaunched without the help and support of other comms pros. Now let’s talk about the future.

Many thanks to the people who have generously contributed articles for the relaunch of my little blogsite. And gratitude again to those who have promised to write for Kilobox in the future.

WedgeMy website was hacked in February 2012, and in unrelated news, I had the worst month of my life. My comms and intranet site seemed the least of my concerns. But even when I got myself back on an even keel, it was hard to return to my home on the web with the passion that you might remember in past years.

I’ve been sharing my comms and intranet thoughts for over eight years, but 2012 was a ‘write off’.

I could not have returned to the web without the enthusiastic support of the contacts and friends I’ve made over five years of Twitter use.

By launching with nearly a dozen articles all at once, I’m clearing the way for fresh new ideas and practices in 2013.

I’m just zis guy, y’know? If you know me, you know me; I’m an open book. I’ve worked as an intranet manager, internal communications specialist, website manager, marketing manager and consultant for the last eight or nine years. Often all at once and all together! I share my ideas and experiences and I’m honoured to share others’ and be involved with projects around the web and world. If you have different ideas, I welcome them. I’m still learning, and the development of intranets and digital workspaces is accelerating.

Why ‘Kilobox‘? Well, it’s a generic box of a thousand ideas. I bought the domain years ago, and just used it for personal projects (as my blog was back then). Now it’s the domain for my specialist comms and intranet blogsite, and I’ve thought of changing it to something more useful, and easier, but people have said they like it. What do you think?

Kilobox Communique will publish more guest articles in 2013 than ever before, because variety and counterpoints are so important in this no-one-size-fits-all digital world. You can surf Kilobox on most devices, it looks pretty good usually.

I would love to publish an original article of yours. I would like to write one for you; can you set me a topic and challenge me?

I’d love for you to subscribe via email (top-right) or maybe RSS, but I especially appreciate web visitors who leave comments. Yes, I love Twitter, and tweets that come my way make me feel real good, but your comments on my blog get read more and have more impact if you leave them below articles. Even though I’ve said this, I know we’re all busy. Twitter as a back-channel is just so seductive!

I’m workiing as a writer, trainer and as the comms director of a small charitable organisation. I am looking for full-time work or projects from March onwards. But I prefer work to look for me. I’m as professional as I can be, but I’m still just a small town kid and the best thing is when you’re wanted and needed. I’d be thrilled to work on a comms or intranet project, or manage internal or external channels for an organisation of any size. I’d love to work in Birmingham or London, but I’d like to work in any major city in the UK or Europe. I dream of working in Germany (again) or Japan. I’ve got a corporate background, but I’ve worked in and with small companies too. Oh, my name is Wedge, but if that doesn’t fit into your corporate culture then I have another one I can use. But really, I’m Wedge, K?

So; please hit the home page and select from the choice authors that are on offer. Thank you for joining us in this relaunch of my site.

[ Wedge ]
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