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Wedge wants to know what time is good for you.

I don’t normally take up a whole blog post with me me me, as I try to ensure my website is focused on you, with ideas and guidance to help you write and communicate better.

Still, I hope you might be a little interested in what I’m up to.

I’m currently listening to the Russel Brand podcast while on the train, and his voice is so funny I’m smiling broadly and I occasionally have to muffle a full on guffaw. I may have to avoid listening to him in public as my solemn ‘commuter face’ keeps cracking.

This is a short week for me as we had a long bank holiday weekend; my boyfriend and I went up North to see the sea and relax in the woods, and it’s taken me a while to get back up to speed. It was good to be away from phones, wifi and the Tinterweb.

I hope I can go house-hunting this coming weekend, but the next weekend is booked out for my best mate’s wedding. There’s just not enough time in the week, and autumn approaches fast.

Your support

I’m really happy to see that more and more people are reading kilobox communiqué, even though this is a young blog, with a variable theme (writing and communications). I’m always thrilled to read the comments, and it’s a real honour to be linked to from other sites.

I want kilobox communiqué to be self-sufficient and financially viable – so I’m seeking sponsorship and will consider appropriate adverts. By this time next year I’m hoping that the sheer number of readers will be such an incentive that I’ll be writing for a considerable part of each and every day. The financial incentive is an important part of that too. I’ve launched successful websites in the past, but I’ve always accepted that things take time, and that one has to choose the right niche. With kilobox communiqué I’m aiming for good hits and an engaged audience in a short space of time – and my niche is fairly large, so I’m going to have to provide excellent guidance and inspiration in order to capture the market.

It’s lovely when people tell me they’ve put my articles onto Digg or StumbleUpon, and it’s very thoughtful of people to share my blog address on Facebook and stuff like that.

I intend to ask for guest posts soon, and as always, it’s the subject matter that matters. I hope anyone who would like to write for kilobox communiqué has a clear idea of what they’d like to talk about, and that then subject fits within the themes found on kilobox.

Me me me

If you’re a regular reader of kilobox communiqué I’d love to connect with you on Twitter – or maybe you’d prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo?

As well as publishing my blog posts via RSS (which you’re invited to subscribe to) if you ‘follow’ me on Twitter you’ll be informed each morning (UK time) when my latest blog post hits the web.

Or you can subscribe via email.

I was wondering; I publish each new blog post around 8am each morning – I hope that means that some people get to read my post on their mobile device, but is around 8am a good time for you? Please leave me a P.S. in the comments.

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  1. I read you blog via RSS through netvibes, so – to be honest – I don’t mind when you publish.

    I have dugg you before, and follow you on Twitter. I’ve also pointed a couple of Internal Comms guys at you – but I’m not going to advertise with you!

    I’ve stuck you on my blogroll, but as I’m lucky if I post fortnightly – and have a few things to write about yet, I can’t promise any exciting links from me.

    Good luck with the househunting; personal content is fine by me, although personal blog posting has caused me some issues in the past.

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