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My (your) digital workplace newsfeed

Blogging is back (or at least, it should be). Bookmark my new site for daily digital workplace articles from the experts.

Blogging has been out of style for a while. Twitter and, recently, LinkedIn are the channels of choice. Sharing a thought, starting a conversation, is easier and quicker in the timeline. It’s ephemeral though, but maybe that’s attractive too. Not everyone wants to ‘manage their content’.

I get it. When you change jobs, change roles, your focus shifts; blogging isn’t the priority. When you blog to share, to order your thoughts, and not to promote your next webinar, there’s less benefit. Your peers are right there on the social networks.

But blogging is far from dead. Yes, consultants have the more consistent cadences, and sure, vendors, agencies, and brands have adopted ‘content marketing’ and so blogging is dominated by ‘how to maximise your da da da’ articles rather than ‘I think’ and ‘this happened’ articles.

Some people have turned to their personal mailing list for better engagement and a sense of safety. Y’know, community.

And some people have returned to blogging, knowing that whatever you publish on someone else’s platform is at their whim. Only your own blogsite provides longterm security for your content. Even if your articles are not extrinsically valuable, as someone who’s been blogging about internal comms and intranets since, like, 2002, I can tell you there’s value in knowing your own history.

The thing what Imma done already

So I did a thing. I’m doing a thing. I’m not just writing a blog post to list the bloggers I read and respect. I’ve constructed an online newsreader to bring you new internal comms, employee engagement, intranet, and digital workplace blogs (nearly) every day.

Take a look at – bookmark it on your phone. It’s designed to show you what’s new, what’s now, in the world of the digital workplace, daily.

I decide who gets in to the newsfeed, but of course it’s all about their articles; some people blog once a week, most blog once a month. The site promotes those who write and share. The newsfeed will bring you fresh ideas and some surprises.

If you want to see who’s currently in, take a look at the blog list. If you want to get your blog in, check the rules and tweet me.

Just bookmark on your phone and check it out every other day for a week or so. See what the digital workplace community is talking about. Steal new ideas. Find new people to follow on the socials.

Neon sign: How now are you?

P.S. Did you see we’ve postponed the Intranet Now conference until 2021? Yeah, I know. Gutting. So, check out and keep in touch with the community.

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