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Internal Communications Resources

What resources / forums / websites focus on Internal Communications?

Are you a member of any Internal Comms Organisations?

I can barely think of any. Would you be a part of these three / four?

Finding Internal Comms specific info, as opposed to ‘change management’, ‘organisational structure’ and of course ‘marketing’ is damned hard. Would you have any resources I should have or be involved with?

You’ll find me within Melcrum’s forums, but it’s quiet over there, and dastardly professional (i.e. stuffy) and just full of ‘how would you communicate blah blah’ questions. I honestly think blogs (like the Melcrum blog) provide a better community feel than the forums I’ve seen. Then again, maybe I’ve been hanging in the wrong neighbourhood – got any suggestions for me?

I’m currently re-reading ‘Effective Internal Communications‘ by Lyn Smith with Pamela Mounter, from the CIPR. It’s a thorough review of books and papers from decades gone, in relation to Internal Comms, with plenty of (over enthusiastic) real-life case studies (apparently, Cable & Wireless are perfect). But it’s 2005 – what should I be reading?

I’m about to read Bill Quirke’s book, ‘Making the Connections: Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy into Action‘, but I’m desperate for some up to date stuff.

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