Journal of Internal Communications

Let your personality speak for you

My article about personality within communications has been published by the Journal of Internal Communications. Take a peek at the digital version now.

The Journal of Internal Communications, from Gatehouse, launched in February 2013 as a handy A5 (landscape) booklet, bringing together many well-known communicators.

Journal of Internal CommunicationsWhile reviewed articles, and the inspiration and guidance they provide, are a very welcome addition to all the reading material to which many of us subscribe, the stunning leap Gatehouse takes is to create a printed publication and charge for it.

During a time when many ageing organisations and established periodicals battle with falling financial loyalties, while observing greater online sharing, the JoIC (as I expect it will come to be known) is a courageous investment in what we have to hope is quality content for a professional audience. I, for one, decided to support the endeavour from the start. Part of me thinks I should be looking to the IoIC and the IABC for guidance around organisation development, social communications and the role of communications in supporting personal and business performance; I regret to admit I somehow miss their output.

I’d be interested to hear your views about publications and from where to seek guidance and ideas. For now, take a look at a preview from volume 2 of the Journal, and let me know if my article offers enough guidance or only tries to inspire more personable communications.

Let your personality speak for you

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