Would you like to team up to write about internal communications?

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I’ve been writing about comms for years now, and seriously talking about good practices for over a year. Considering Chris Brogan’s prediction that solos will need to consolidate and collaborate in 2010, I’d like to throw out an idea and invitation to you.

lego-doughIf you’re working within an Internal Communications department, would you like to join me and write about comms (writing, intranet, email, presenting, scripts etc.) here at kilobox communiqué?

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The Trouble with Podcasts and Videos

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podcastSomething different for you; an audio file for you to listen to. You can listen right now below, or you can ‘follow’ my audio blogs over at AudioBoo. A ‘Boo’ is three minutes long or less, and seem an easy way to audio-blog by iPhone or phone call. I say it’s the Twitter of podcasting.

Or you can read my thoughts on podcasting within your company below – not an exact transcript, but identical content to the short audio blog.


The popularity of podcasting and video blogging, ala YouTube, must have some impact on the way we communicate within our companies. I know when I publish messages from our CEO on our intranet they are popular and valued, generating a wealth of feedback. There are many people within the company who don’t have access to the intranet though, so our CEO, and other execs, record the message on a phone line, so people can ring up and listen. Basically, it’s podcasting over the phone. Several people listen each week. Not a huge audience, but if they don’t have access to the intranet article, we have a duty to provide alternative communications.

But personally, I’m not sure the popularity of podcasting and video blogging on the world wide web should influence professional business critical communications too much.

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Blogging all over the social web


If you blog, or write web pages and articles, be sure to let your social tribes know about your best work. You might Twitter about your latest blog post throughout the day, but don’t neglect your Facebook friends; you won’t capture everyone’s attention, but if you regularly share your work across all your people-networks you’ll gain more readers and demonstrate your involvement with your social crowd.

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